Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Super Saturday

I cannot believe how much I did on Saturday. I truly boggles the mind. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

1.) Filled prescription
2,) Shopped at Repeat Street (found an awesome Liz Claiborne blouse for $8)
3.) Got my hair did
4.) Had my watch battery replaced (at Kay Jewelers, where I have a lifetime battery. It's no deal, though. While they are replacing my watch battery, what am *I* doing? Browsing jewelry, of course. I almost NEVER get out of there without buying something.)
5.) Got diapers (Because a house with a low supply of diapers is an uncomfortable house)
6.) Grabbed my favorite lotion in the world (I heart ULTA.)
7.) Went back home and changed for a charity event (strappy spring dress, huge pink straw hat, clicky sandals)
8.) Went to said charity event (The Little Light House hosts an afternoon tea once a year at the Fairview Inn. It's lovely. Everyone is welcome, and you write a check for whatever amount you are comfortable with. Besides being for a great cause, it's fun!)
9.) Found a replacement plate for the one Clay destroyed (Yes. Clay broke the plate I had hanging on the wall. The one hubs and I bought in SPAIN. ~Sigh.~)
10.) Loved on my boys (Made supper and did lots of kissing and tickling.)
11.) Took Grace to 119 Underground for drinks, snacks, and an awesome jazz saxophone performance (I had never been to 119 before, and I will definitely be back. Food was great, music started early, and we had a very enjoyable few hours there. Got in by about 8 p.m., so we didn't even have to pay a cover charge. Nice.)

Can you believe it? Read over that list again. Incredible.

On Sunday, I wasn't good for too much besides cleaning up the back yard (We put three big bags of pine cones and fallen limbs on the curb today, plus we hauled the hammock out of storage.) and doing laundry.

Hubs and I did get out of the house for dinner Sunday night. Grandparents kept little man, so the two of us stole away to Pan Asia, where we feasted on the crab and avocado spring rolls (OhmyLord if you have not had them, get over there to taste. AMAZING.), edamame, and lots of delicious sushi. (I love their spicy tuna roll and their spider roll. YUM!) We split the lime tart, which is wonderfully creamy and has the best crust EVER, for dessert.

Have I mentioned lately that I love weekends? If not, I love weekends.

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