Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grilled perfection

I was up in sweet little Como, Mississippi this morning for a work function, and I had the occasion to eat lunch at the Como Steak House. Oh. My. Lord.

The Como Steak House is nestled among a handful of other local businesses on Como's little Main Street. It's much larger than it looks from the front. The building stretches back quite a ways from the road, in addition to boasting a two-floor dining area. The decor has a very bluesy, masculine vibe, with lots of leather seating and a tin ceiling. Black and white photos of musicians in concert as well as old clippings adorn the walls.

The meat is cooked on gorgeous, mammoth indoor grills. I'd have one installed in my house, but I'd probably get carbon monoxide poisoning. (Hell, considering how good the steaks were, it might be worth it.)

I started with a green salad, which was served with a delicious homemade ranch dressing. (The restaurant makes several dressings from scratch. They offer a few other bottled varieties.) An excellent beginning. I ordered the filet, medium rare, with a loaded baked potato. First of all, my steak came out hot, bacon-wrapped, and perfectly cooked. Secondly, the loaded baked potato is truly loaded: butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits and chives. They throw in a buttered, grilled piece of Texas toast for good measure.

There's no going wrong here. In addition to the great food, service was friendly and attentive. If you find yourself up in north Mississippi with a rumbling stomach, make it a point to swing by Como Steak House. According to the servers, the line snakes out the street door on Fridays and Saturdays, so try to time your trip during the week! (And plan on a nap, say, two hours after your meal!)

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