Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Small Town Mississippi

Hubs and I took little man to the Ag Museum over the weekend. Clay loves running all around their Small Town Mississippi outdoor exhibit, loves the Little Schoolhouse, the Children's barnyard, and the trail through the woods. This time, we got to see the emu up close. He walked right to the fence and helped himself to several drinks of water while Clay looked on in amazement.

After working up a healthy sweat (It was HOT outside!), we took a breather in the General Store, where we got cold drinks and snacks. We ate outside on the front porch, playing checkers, then we headed to the indoor part of the museum to look at the planes, trains and exhibits there. Clay really enjoys watching the trains chug by, and he very nearly jumped the rope to see how it would be to sit in the pilot's seat of one of the historic planes. (Luckily, I'm faster than I look.)

Booger has a good time whenever we go to the Ag Museum. He runs around all over the place, and hubs and I just try to keep up and protect the exhibits.

For now, his admission is free, so it costs hubs and I $10 bucks (together) to get in, and we spend maybe $5 on snacks. So, for about $15, we get a good morning's entertainment and a VERY sleepy toddler come afternoon nap time. Worth it? You betcha.

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