Friday, May 21, 2010

Where a kid can . . . spend $40 in a morning.

Hubs and I took booger to Chuck E. Cheese's last weekend, and we had so much fun! We found an online coupon for a large pizza, 4 drinks, and 40 tokens (About $35 for all of it, I think.), and off we went.

Clay LOVED riding all the little kiddie rides, though he didn't get much satisfaction out of most of the other games. (When we went to GattiTown, practically all they had were games, and the few kiddie rides they did have weren't working properly. Needless to say, we haven't been back.) But there were plenty of rides to choose from - 3 or 4 different cars, a Kentucky Derby ride that found him perched on a big plastic horse, and lots of other neat stuff for him to do. He's still a bit too small for the indoor play gym, but I bet he'll be climbing up into that thing within a year or so.

And I admit it. Hubs and I stole some tokens and played Skeeball. We couldn't help ourselves! Plus, I won 20 tickets off one token in the helicopter game. 'Cause that's how I ROLL.

And it was lucky we did, too, or there's no way Clay would have had enough tokens for his glow-in-the-dark top. Or his star-shaped sunglasses. Or the three plastic bugs that he brought home. (Only two of which I have found in my bed so far. Shudders.)

Anyway, we all had a total blast, and booger took the longest nap he's taken in a while when we got home.

We'll definitely go back!

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