Thursday, April 02, 2009

Baby dialing - a public apology

When I pick booger up from daycare in the evenings, I'll often give him my cell phone to play with so he'll be distracted while I buckle him into his car seat. The only problem with that? He's not very interested in it unless I leave it ON. And when it's on, he has a tendency to call people. Instead of the drunk dial, many of you have been getting the baby dial from my cell lately. You may have voice mails full of baby gibberish, or whatever song we happened to be listening to on the radio at the time, or perhaps even my own personal vocal stylings.

Sooo, I'd like to offer a public apology to the following people:

1.) Aislynn Thomas McDonald (Poor Aislynn is unfortunate enough to be the FIRST person in my phone's contacts list. Clay has called her many, many times. Sorry, Ais.)

2.) Christy Bridges (Again, near the top.)

3.) My mom (Mom had the luck to get her call after we were home. Clay was getting his diaper changed, and mom was treated to my flawless rendition of "Shake Your Booty.")

4.) Whoever picked up the phone at 444-444-4444. (You see how that one happened, don't you?)

5.) My pool coach (Either he'd called me, or I'd called him, fairly recently, and it's only the push of a button or two to get to the "recent calls" list.)

6.) The person from 769-233-3643 who actually called BACK. I knew it was you, I knew what had happened, and I didn't pick up. So, sorry for not only letting my toddler give you a call, but also for being too cowardly to pick up when you returned the call.

On various other phones, Clay has dialed friends of my dad's, my little sister in Oregon, and, no doubt, total strangers in foreign lands.

Now, to all other folks loaded onto my SIM card - it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but someday - and SOON - you are likely to get baby dialed.

Clay strikes again!


HEATHER said...

Why don't you give him an old phone without a sim card or find a toy one? Or teach him to talk to whoever answers on the other end. Wouldn't that be a treat if he could call grandma and grandpa all by himself? You know your parents would lose their minds for that. LOL!

Suburban Housewife...Not so much said...

LOL... I know exactly what you are talking about. When I was potty training Hayden with his training potty I would give him my phone to keep him occupied. At that time I had an older blackberry with the scroll wheel and when you scroll all the way down it would dial 911. There was no way to turn the feature off or I would have. When they called me back and chewed me out for letting my toddler have my phone and play with it I let them know quickly that they were more than welcome to come train my child themselves and they could also talk to Cingular about not being able to turn off this feature.