Sunday, April 26, 2009

The man I married.

I leave for work early in the morning. Hubs leaves later and drops booger off at daycare on his way in to work. I often come home to little surprises (like messes that weren't there when I left), but I also come home to cute little evidence that the two of them were cutting up together.

I love this man.

And as for Cookie Monster, I think that crazy kid may just have a career in entertainment.


Stacey said...


A. Boyd C. said...

Ringling Brothers Circus doesn't have anything half so grand as Cookie Monster on two horses.

Sandi said...

Daughter says thank you for letting us watch that. :)

Nicole Bradshaw said...

If I can get in stealthcam mode, maybe I'll post another of them playing together one day. So sweet!