Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy lady.

Dude, I have been busy lately!

First of all, alot of things in my life have decided to break at the same time. First, my car. Let's just say that I *might* have been doing some extreme driving last week, and I totally blew out my brakes. Saturday morning found hubs and I at the shop, where I not only had some extensive scheduled maintenance done (60,000 miles), but I also had a complete brake job.

Secondly, my garage door opener. Lucky for me, hubs installed a keypad on the outside of the garage that you can also use to open it, because my remote opener has totally crapped out. Had to swing by Lowe's this weekend and replace it.

Thirdly, my phone. Still trying to work that one out.

Fourthly, my DirecTV. We are getting all the cable channels, but for some reason, we aren't getting local channels. I called them to send a serviceman out to the house on Friday, and they said he'd call when he was on his way over. But of course, he didn't call me at work (like I SPECIFICALLY asked him to when I booked the service appointment), he called me at HOME. People, I am at work to make money so I can PAY you to fix this dish!! There IS no one at home! ~Sigh.~ Sooooo, I've rescheduled my appointment for tomorrow.

In the last week or so, we've also had to replace our hammock (Because that thing was just getting sad. When we'd all get in it, our butts would touch the ground.) AND our patio table. (The legs were really wobbly, and we couldn't fix them. I kept getting the heebie jeebies because Clay kept trying to climb on it. If that thing had fallen on him, it could have killed him. It was heavy as lead.)

In addition to this, I've been going out a fair amount (concerts, dinners with hubs, other fun stuff) and staying on top of a pretty rigorous schedule of meetings at work. (If I can just make it through the end of this month, that will quiet down a bit. I hope. At least until someone else thinks of another series of meetings they want me to conceive, plan, create presentations for, publicize, and host. Sheesh.)


I think I need a long massage. Who's with me?


A. Boyd C. said...

I had the same problem with DirectTV. I bet it's the same guy. Once he finally got here he did a good job though.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

He came this afternoon. We are all on go once again!