Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In front of the eight ball?

Last night was pool night, and I somehow managed to avoid Lowe's and actually make it to the pool hall. I got there early to practice, and I noticed that, for whatever reason, I was playing kinda decent. I asked if there was any way I could go ahead and play my match before I started my inevitable downward slide, and the team put me right in.

They put me right in against a seven. And I'm a three. Meaning that the guy I was playing against was four levels better than me. Yahoo. Boy, I love losing. (He was really nice, though.)

But a funny thing happened. I don't know if it was that my opponent was just in a hurry to get out of there or the planets aligned for me or what, but I didn't stink. I won. I won the match! Like, legitimately. Like, hitting the balls into the pockets and everything. Not a charity win. Could not BELIEVE it.

I have to attribute it to coach, who has had the patience of Job teaching me while I consistently played like crap for months. That and the fact that some decent music FINALLY came on over the jukebox. (I still insist that this pool hall is the place music goes to die. I hardly EVER hear a decent song in there, and most of what I do hear is the crudest stuff you can imagine.)

Maybe I might could be a pool player one day after all?

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Sandi said...

What? Not a fan of Young Jeezy? LOL