Sunday, April 19, 2009

I met her!

Ok, I am a huge fan of Mary Chapin Carpenter. I don't buy LOTS of CDs by the same folks, but I have most of her stuff. And I've loved it. I've been listening to her music since junior high/high school.

So, needless to say, when I heard she was coming to town for a live appearance, I bought a ticket. The concert was held on Friday night as part of the Welty Centennial. Carpenter was featured along with Claire Holley, Kate Chapman, and Caroline Redding. The music was fabulous. (My only real gripe was the cruddy AV. Mics kept popping and going in and out, and this sad little man kept coming out on stage to "fix" stuff. They FINALLY got it worked out, but it took way too long to do it.)

After the concert, I hung around talking to the TONS of people that I knew there. Then, I figured I'd head for the restrooms and go home. Well, back near the restrooms was a roped-off hallway. Byt this time, the theatre was pretty cleared out. There were two women standing near the rope. I asked them what was going on, and they said they were waiting for the performers to come out. These two ladies had come all the way from OHIO to hear this concert.

I'm not one of those people that gets giddy around people that are famous. Fame does not impress me. But artistry? Someone who has created something that has MEANT something to me? Fugeddaboutit.

I had my camera with me, and I started thinking, "Wait a dang minute. I could get my program signed, I could get a photo, and I could freakin' MEET Mary Chapin Carpenter!" That was all it took. I stood by the rope and waited. All the other performers came out, and they all graciously signed my program. But Carpenter was suspiciously absent.

The two ladies and I huddled. We decided I'd go up front and make sure she wasn't out there meeting and greeting, and they'd stay at the rope and holler if she appeared. So off to the front I went. Of course, you know me. I got out there and found a couple of other people I knew still hanging around, and we chatted for a bit. Then, I headed back to the rope.

And my two ladies were GONE. All of a sudden, I hear them screaming my name from down the hallway. "Nicole!! Get down here!! NICOLE!!"

But, see, the rope was still there. And I have such a hard time disobeying authority, you know? But I could SEE Mary Chapin Carpenter down there. And, MAN, I wanted to hop that rope and high-tail it.

Just then, the clouds parted. The angels sang. The security guard came out. And I KNEW the guy. He was on my security detail when we had performance events at my old job. And I looked at him with this pleading look.

He waved me through!! I hopped back there, got my pic made, got my program signed, et. al. But BEST of all, I got to tell this woman that I'd been listening to her music for decades and thank her. Even though I'd never met her before (and I still don't know her), she has really added something to my life.

Cloud nine!!!


Nat_A_Lie said...

I found this through a Google alert about MCC. I have seen her perform 4 times, and though I have gotten her attention one way or another 3 of those times, I have yet to meet her.

She is one of my favorite artists because she does write amazing, well-relatable songs. And from what I have otherwise learned of her, she is a wonderful woman.

Congratulations on getting to meet her and tell her how she has changed your life. To me, that is a very important thing as well. It's the least I can do to personally thank someone who has been that big an influence on me.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

It was pretty awesome. I posted my pic now! Woo to the hoo!

Nat_A_Lie said...


What a great picture! Congrats again!