Friday, October 09, 2009

Absolutely raving.

Sweet Sandi and I went to Thalia Mara Hall on Wednesday night to see the Kessler production of Rave On!, the Buddy Holly musical revue show. What fun!

The show featured a great band (keys, drums, three horns, two guitars) plus the singing, guitar-playing, acting sensation of Billy McGuigan as the legendary Buddy Holly. The music was so much fun! As I was listening to the band, I realized how seldom it is in this market that one hears a full band like that. I mean, three horns? And the sax guy was crazy-good. Hearing him play made me remember why musicians get all the girls.

McGuigan gave a marathon performance. Basically, this one guy carries most of the show. He's the only one who really speaks, plus he's singing, dancing, and playing his guitar. Not only that, he wrote, produced and directed this production. Amazing. I was very impressed with him.

The songs are classics, and they were very well-performed. The audience really got into it, too, singing, clapping, swaying. A couple of ladies down front even got up and danced.

And by the way, ol' Buddy threw ONE guitar pic into the audience that night. Guess who ended up with it?

Sometimes, my life sooooo rocks.

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