Sunday, October 18, 2009

More fall fun!

Ahhhh, fall! I love it so!

A week or so ago, I decided to ring in the season with an Oktoberfest dinner. I made homemade pretzels, which we served with this reallyreally good whole grain mustard with garlic. For the main course, I made brats braised in beer with a bit of kraut, carrot and sliced green apple. It was really yummy! And even though I'm not a beer drinker, I got hubs one of those "pick six" six packs, with six different beers to try. (I think that at least two of them are still in the fridge. They will probably sit in there forever.)

Yesterday, we loaded up and went to Nichols Boyd Farm to pick out our pumpkins. Due to the rainy weather, they didn't drive us out to the patch to pick our pumpkins. It was too muddy. (Boo, and may I also say, hoo.) BUT, Clay did get to see all the animals (chickens, goats, donkeys, cows, even some fish in the lake) AND ride in the hayride, which I think was his absolute favorite part. We could have taken 3 pumpkins but, truth be told, we could only carry two and keep up with Clay at the same time! No worries. We're never short on pumpkins during October at the Bradshaw household.

Today, we carved our pumpkin! We used one of the patterns from the old carving kit we bought last year, called "Two Face." I think it turned out pretty darn well! It may or may not last until Halloween, but no worries. We have a plug-in jack o' lantern that we can use if need be. Now, the pumpkin seeds are drying on a cookie sheet in the kitchen, (We'll toast them up and spice them for a snack!), and the pot roast I put in the crock pot is bubbling away.

I also found a bit of time this weekend to clean out my kitchen cupboards, so I'll be ready for baking! I went through everything pretty systematically, tossing what seemed old or out of date and making a list of things that we might need for all our holiday favorites. I was really surprised how well-stocked we are. I can say this for myself, there's ALWAYS something to eat around here.

NEXT weekend, I'm planning a Clue party! I've always wanted to host one around Halloween. We'll each come dressed as a character from the game, have dinner, then play! I've been practicing my accusatory hand gestures and shocked gasps all week!

Fall totally rocks.

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