Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is that your facelift, or are you just surprised to see me?

Each year, the Madison County Chamber of Commerce hosts a big "Ladies' Night Out" event. I went last year, and I attended again this year. This year's theme was classic TV moms, and several tables were given a popular television show (featuring a well-known mom and her family) and charged with decorating their table to suit. The table decor would be judged, and one table would be declared the winner.

Our table got The Brady Bunch, and because a certain member of our party is reallyreally competitive, we were determined to have one of the best-looking tables at the event. To wit, we trolled Gateway Mission until we found an authentic little TV from the 70s. Then we dug up some shag carpeting and some darling place mats/napkins/napkin rings. Lastly, we surfed online for a good print-out of the classic Brady grid and purchased an mp3 of the television theme song. (Which we burned onto a CD and looped for a THIRTY MINUTE run time. Have you ever listened to the Brady Bunch theme song for THIRTY MINUTES STRAIGHT? I beg you not to attempt it.) We made a bunch of psychedelic flowers out of foam and threw in some huge, clear containers of bright-colored candies.

But were we satisfied? Of course not. As a final touch, we all dressed in 60s/70s garb. (So, while everyone else slinked around in their black cocktail dresses, we were rocking the headbands and wild colors.) I pulled on a pair of white go-go boots, a mini sheath dress, and a set of white acrylic jewelry. The rest of my table mates did not disappoint. One woman came in a FABULOUS wig, with kicky black boots and amazing yellow accessories. And one member of our party actually dressed as Cindy Brady. (I told you we were committed, right?) We were forced to try and avoid the photographers from VIP Jackson the entire night, because NO ONE wanted photographic evidence of our outfits.

However, we were all still surprised when it was announced that we had WON the table decorating contest! (There were a bunch of really amazing tablescapes there.) Woo to the hoo! They even shone the spotlight on us. We were positively giddy with attention.

And what, you may ask, did we win? We each got a $100 gift certificate to Faces, a plastic surgery clinic in Ridgeland. (I am soooo not kidding.) I'm kinda wondering what kind of plastic surgery I can get for $100. Half a chin implant, maybe? Perhaps we should all pool our gift certificates, then vote on which one of our party is the most needy (Lord, I hope they don't pick me.), and send her in for a lip plumping or something.

I'm thinking that the clinic also does facials and the like (or rather, I'm really hoping), so maybe that could work. Because I am so not up for Botox. I'd like my eyebrows to raise and lower for at least a few more years!

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