Friday, October 09, 2009

Two more reasons I love hubs.

Exhibit A

Hubs (while cleaning the kitchen one evening): Why do you NEVER rinse out your coffee cup in the mornings?! There is always this ring around the cup because you won't rinse it out! Then, I have to SCRUB it before I put it in the dishwasher!

Me: That's some pretty big talking from a man who doesn't know how to put the toilet paper back on the roll.


Hubs: Touche'

Exhibit B

As you may know, we have made some forays into the wildly discouraging world of potty training. One evening, while Clay was in the tub, my angelic little boy abruptly stood up and said, "It's yuck."

I looked to see that he had just dropped a deuce into the tub. I quickly plucked him out of the tub, cleaned his little dirty bottom, wrapped him in a towel, and toted him into the den, where I could put his diaper/jammies on him, etc.

At such time, I said to Brian, "Clay just pooped in the tub."

Did hubs say any of the following?:

A. "He pooped in the TUB?! GROSS!"
B. "How could you let him poop in the tub?!"
C. "Good luck cleaning THAT mess up."

Nope. With nary a word, hubs got up from the couch, went to the kitchen, and started cutting up a paper towel roll, which he then used to scoop the poop out of the tub and into the toilet. Then, this sainted man cleaned up the tub and the bath toys.

~Sigh.~ Am I a lucky girl or what?

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