Thursday, June 07, 2012

Bon appetit!

A couple of weeks ago, I went out with a group of my girl friends to try a new restaurant in Ridgeland - Anjou. An upscale French spot, the restaurant is located off Highland Colony Parkway. The cozy interior makes group dining a pleasure, and I could also see how this place would make a nice special occasion spot.

We started with wine. (I can highly recommend Laboure-Roi Les Sangliers Pinot Noir. Yum!) Then, since so many in the party were watching their waistlines, we ordered a mix of salad Nicoise, the salmon with ratatouille entree (DELICIOUS!), and the seafood crepes. The bread and butter were appropriately chewy/creamy (respectively), and our server was precious. (Service was a bit slow, but they'd only been open for about a month at that point. I feel certain they will work any service snags out post-haste.)

Prices are upper- to mid-range, but I felt Anjou offered good value for the price paid. You can check out their website at Happy eating!

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