Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Feet of Fury

While I was ferrying my groceries to my car in the Kroger parking lot a few weeks ago, I was approached by a young woman recruiting for summer session at her martial arts studio. I signed little man right up. It was a happy coincidence, as I decided a while ago that karate or tae kwon do would be the perfect extracurricular activity for him.

Why? A few reasons:
1.) It's INSIDE. When I was dating hubs in high school, his brother played soccer. The whole clan routinely attended game after game in the stifling heat. Um, no.
2.) The schedule is sane. Right now, he's going to class twice a week, and we can pick from a variety of sessions that fit our family schedule. I love the flexibility of it.
3.) It's solitary. Though the class is a group affair, one participates in tournaments only if one wants to, competing as an individual. So you're not letting the whole team down if a big tournament happens to be scheduled right during your very expensive trip to DisneyWorld.
4.) Clay thinks he is a complete super hero. The punching and kicking play into his fantasy world, in which he defends America (and me) against bad guys.

At first, hubs asked me (incredulously), "So you're teaching him how to hit us?!" But even he has to admit that little man loves it. He's been to four classes so far, and the kid's in heaven.

Just call him Bruce!

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