Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Shame on me. It seems harder and harder in the past several months to get on over here and do something as simple as record my thoughts. Picking up the thread . . .

In and out of airports and planes on my way to and fro Rome, I read all three books in The Hunger Games trilogy. I thought all of them were very good, with strong characters and a richly-imagined world, and I highly recommend them. (It was actually very interesting to read them with Rome as a backdrop. After all, what are the Hunger Games but the Colosseum, set in the future and filled with youth? And Roman games were created with much the same purpose as the Hunger Games in the books - those killed at the Colosseum often came from conquered peoples, and their deaths served as entertainment for bloodthirsty Romans.) Returning stateside, I also teamed up with a friend to go see the movie adaptation of the first book. It was a good film and quite faithful to the text.

I'm also reading a daily devotional book right now called Blessed Abundance, which I quite like. Each day's meditation is on the spirituality and sacredness found in everyday life, in home keeping, in all of our mundane activities. Each daily entry is no more than two pages, and the author weaves in all sorts of interesting quotes and passages from writers and philosophers throughout history.

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