Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Too many cooks in the kitchen

A while back, we began thinking about having our kitchen remodeled. The cabinet doors and drawers were old and battered (and one hanging cabinet had even started to separate a bit from the wall), the lighting was atrocious, and we had glued a few pieces of the laminate countertop that had chipped after years of use back into place.

And though a younger version of me would have delighted in such a project - choosing finishes, obssessing over hardware, giving serious thought to paint color - the older version of me mainly dreaded it. Dreaded the expense, the mess, the hassle.

BUT here we are. Something had to be done about the space, so we began talking with a contractor a couple of months ago. We decided on a transitional kitchen with a nod to the American farmhouse style. I found a good deal on a gorgeous apron-front sink, scoured the Internet for a brushed nickle bridge faucet, and chose a nice dark granite for the countertops. We decided on a plain white subway tile for the backsplash. The plan is to keep the cabinet houses, but re-face with new doors. We're also converting some of the cabinets on the bottom to handy pull-out drawers so that we can acess the contents more easily.

Over Memorial Day weekend, hubs and I cleaned everything out of the kitchen. Let me repeat that, so you understand the full magnitude of what I am telling you. Every. Single. Thing. It now sits unceremoniously in a bunch of cardboard boxes in the den. (We purged a bit, too, dropping a few boxes of items off at the Salvation Army.) So far, the sink has been dry fit, most of the new lighting has been installed, and they've measured for the new countertops. They also removed all the cabinet doors and filled/sanded the hinge holes to prep the cabinets for painting.

It's been about a week, and though clear progress has been made, it will like be another three weeks until I am back in my kitchen. We set up a makeshift food prep area in the den, and we are using ALOT of paper plates!

They say kitchen remodels are the hardest to endure, and I believe them. Wish me luck . . .

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