Thursday, July 10, 2008


I took little man to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science today to see the animatronic dinosaur exhibit they have on display. They've got five or so vignettes with moving dinosaurs in little habitats, plus a cool model of the inner workings of the dinos that you can control at the push of a button. (I thought that was a nice touch. So take your kid to see the stripped-down model, which is not scary at all and which they can control, and then maybe they won't be spooked by the fully fleshed-out versions later in the exhibit.)

Plus, since booger is walking now, this is the first time he was really able to enjoy the preschool room. (That's where he is in the photo.) He ran around that place like it was an amusement park. (And I guess it kinda was, for him.) He played with the big foam blocks. He admired himself in the mirror. He took a great interest in all the other kids. Then, he repeatedly tried to stage his escape into the museum itself, running around all over the place, heading primarily for the fish tanks. It was so much fun to watch my little Houdini careen through that place. He was really enjoying himself. If the museum hadn't been so crowded, I would have allowed him more free running time. As it was, though, the place was packed. I kept worrying he'd get stepped on or tripped over.

For one adult and one infant, admission was $5. The dino exhibit is up until January 4, so you have lots of time to visit!


Stacey said...

Those dinosaurs scared the BEJESUS out of Ace.

Sandi said...

What a cutie! And it sounds like y'all had a good outing ... mine loves the natural science museum. :)