Monday, July 21, 2008

First words!

Clay has begun saying his first word! He says, "Hey!" and waves his little hand at you. It is soooooo cute!! I completely give the credit on this one to hubs, who spent alot of time waving and saying "Hey!" himself in order to get booger to copy him.

I am also sure that Clay understands the word "cookie." He LOVES vanilla wafers, and we maybe give him a couple a day. But we always dole them out in the same place - a corner of the kitchen underneath the cabinet where we keep the bag of cookies. He can be anywhere in the house, and doing anything, and if we say, "Do you want a cookie?", he immediately looks up at us and then heads for that corner of the kitchen. As in, "Yes! I SO want a cookie! You totally read my mind! Now, where is it?"

He's also been learning to walk in his first pair of shoes lately. I got them for him because I'd like him to be able to walk in them pretty well by the time we go to Portland. That way, if we're out and about up there, I can get him out of his stroller and let him toddle around a bit. So now, some time during the morning hours, we put his shoes on and then go out to the back yard to play. He toddles all around the big patio (Thank God I had it enlarged; it is HUGE now and provides plenty of space to do laps!), looking at all the potted plants and peering with fascination at the wind chimes. He does really well on flat, level surfaces, though he tumbles alot if he ventures out onto the lawn.

He's growing up so fast! What a sweetie pie! I love that kid.

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Sandi said...

Aw ... what a sweetie!