Saturday, July 05, 2008

What I've been listening to . . .

I recently bought three CDs which I thought I'd share:

Joshua Radin's We Were Here - Joshua Radin apparently went to college with Zach Braff, and so if you watch Braff's movies (or tune in to Scrubs), you'll notice Radin's songs sprinkled in at key moments. Radin has a quiet, folkie sound, with some interesting harmonies and nice, simple arrangements.

Regina Specktor's Begin to Hope (Limited Edition) - I first stumbled across Regina Specktor when a friend had one of her songs ("Samson," which is great) posted to a MySpace profile. Since then, I've noticed that her Soviet Kitsch album got great reviews, and songs from Begin to Hope have hit the charts. I think she has a style reminiscent of a lighter Tori Amos, so if you like Amos, you'll probably like most of the songs on this double-disc set (17 tracks).

Remy Zero's The Golden Hum - Ok, I'll grant that this one is a bit out-there. I found Remy Zero through a tenuous TV connection. (They sing the title credits song for the TV show "Smallville," which hubs loves.) Though the band is no longer making music together, I picked up this CD because I was interested in a few stray songs of theirs that I'd managed to hear snatches of, and I thought they were worth checking out. Now, some of the songs on this CD are just plain weird. But some seem oddly inspired. Check out some of the samples posted on Amazon, and you'll get a feel for their brand of racket.

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