Friday, July 04, 2008

Up, up, and away!

Well, I've gone and done it. I booked tickets to visit my sister in Portland in August. I'll be taking booger with me - his first plane ride! I'm a little nervous, but mostly I'm excited. I've hardly seen sis since she moved up there more than a year ago. I totally support her in her choice of where to live, but it has been a change for our close-knit family. She wasn't able to be here when booger was born, and she will miss his first birthday party. I didn't see her on my birthday, and I didn't see her on hers. She wasn't able to join us for Father's Day lunch this year, she missed Thanksgiving last November, the list goes on. I know that she misses us and wants to be with us, and we certainly miss her.

Anyway, enough boo-hooing. I'll be seeing her, with little man in tow, for a little more than a week come August. Hopefully, the flights won't be too bone-grinding with a one-year-old, and Portland looks like a nice, laid-back, family-friendly city. I'm looking forward to checking out some of their botanic gardens. They have a Japanese Garden, an International Rose Test Garden, and a Classical Chinese Garden that all look gorgeous online; maybe we'll be able to swing by some of those. Plus, they have a famed farmer's market and an open-air crafts market (which is supposed to be a great place to find souveniers) that I'd like to check out. They have lots of kid-friendly attractions - a great zoo, some cool parks, and alot of outdoor trails/sights - too. Lastly, the food is rumored to be wonderful there, so I'm looking forward to eating!

Also on the travel front, I'm slipping away to Memphis next weekend with some girlfriends. Our plan is to see Graceland in all its glory and eat alot of barbeque. (Sounds good to me!) I'll post a trip report upon our return!

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