Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Always a Bridesmaid

I watched 27 Dresses, starring James Marsden and Katherine Heigl, this week. In a few words - it's a ruffle-y, predictable chick flick.

Here's the skinny: Jane (Heigl) has been a bridesmaid 27 times. She's kept every one of her dresses, and she reads the "Commitments" section of the NY Journal with relish. She dreams of the day when she will walk down the aisle herself, wearing her mother's wedding gown and marrying George, her hunky boss at work (Edward Burns). Enter Tess, Jane's hot sister. It's nearly love at first sight for Tess and George, and Jane shortly finds herself planning their wedding. Ouch.

Then Jane meets Kevin Doyle (Marsden), a writer for the "Commitments" section of the journal. (You see where this is going.) As Jane learns to finally start saying "no" to people and stand up for what she wants and needs, she discovers her affection for Kevin. Pretty soon, she's planning her own happily ever after.

Mmmmkay. This movie is sweet and trite. It's not BAD, per se, but it's all been done before, kwim? And you know how I posted before about how, in most of his films, Marsden never gets the girl? I think I get it now. He is too physically perfect. Stay with me here. There's nothing "off" about him - no slightly crooked nose, no patchy skin, no scars, nothing. You'd think this would be a tremendous advantage, right? But I find that little imperfections are often what make a face attractive and, well, interesting. So, sorry James, but I think you might be too pretty to really be a leading man we can all love. *Gasp.*

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HEATHER said...

James Marsden is too short!
Do you remember him from Ally McBeal? I couldn't stand him on there and have disliked him ever since.
27 Dresses is cute, but yeah, been there done that!