Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pictures of booger

They brought a professional photographer in to take pics of the kids last week at Clay's Mother's Morning Out program. I was thinking they'd be taking the photos outside, because it was pretty that day. I dressed booger up in basically the same clothes he wears every day. (I have no desire to have a pic of my little boy in a white sailor suit, or even a jacket and tie. When I think back on him during his growing-up years, I want to remember him the way he actually was, not think of him all gussied up for picture day. Plus, Clay is all boy. He's a runner, jumper, climber, screamer, etc. He loves getting into everything, making a mess, and pouring water/juice/whatever all over the place. This kid does not take well to dressing up.)

So anyway, I put him in a pair of blue jeans, a long-sleeved tee, and his favorite tennis shoes. Well, we got the proofs of the pics back this week. She sat my little boy on a white wicker chair in front of a pastel blue backdrop. He's looking at the camera, but he has this deflated expression in his face like, "Don't you have a REAL chair? Or a puppy? Some dirt? Anything?"

Ah, me. Well, I guess we won't be ordering the deluxe package on this one.

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Sandi said...

I'm sure he'll be adorable, regardless of his expression. LOL