Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Music to my ears

You may or may not know it, but I am a die-hard Mary Chapin-Carpenter fan. I have been listening to her music since high school, and over the years, I've bought most of her albums. Passionate Kisses is one of my all-time favorite songs, but there are too many great ones to really start choosing.

I mean, This Shirt? Tender When I Want to Be? I Take My Chances? I Feel Lucky? (Only a Dream; Goodbye Again; Come On, Come On; we could be here for days . . . ) There are very few songs of hers that I don't love. And, to boot, she writes on most of her albums, which means she can sing her songs with the same conviction they were created with. This is no teeny-bopper singing about how she will learn to love again. (Of course you will, you twit! You're fourteen!) This is someone who has some life experience under her belt telling it like it is.

And she's coming to Jackson! YAY! My dearest friend and I bought our tickets to her April 17 concert today! (You didn't think I would tell you about the concert before I bought MY tickets, did you?) She'll be performing downtown at the Belhaven Center for the Performing Arts. It's a fairly small venue, so I think the concert will have a very intimate feeling.

I am soooooo stoked!!


Brogan said...

Mary Chapin-Carpenter? On purpose. I'd rather listen to a five piece band of Carpenter's beating their hammers on 55-gallon drums and singing "Beat it" than hear Mary Chapin-Carpenter...But I guess whatever floats your boat.
Now, when you get ready to go to a real concert I'll take you out to hear Afroman!..Just ask Sandi...she's heard the powerful lyrics of the great Afro M-A-N .... "Colt .45 and two zig zags baby that's all we need"

Sandi said...

Yes, Nicole. You must ask me about Afroman sometime. Really.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Hmmmmm . . . Afroman? Not really my scene, you know?