Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trytophan high

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! For the first time, I hosted, and I've decided that I'm going to host every year. I hadn't noticed what a pain in the butt it is, packing everything up into the car, driving somewhere, unpacking, having dinner, re-packing, driving home, and then unpacking yet AGAIN. It's much easier just to fix everything and get ready for folks to arrive.

Here's what we served:
Appetizers - my super smoked salmon dip (one of Brian's favorite appetizers; I was never a big smoked salmon fan, until I tried this stuff. It is an amazing holiday munchie.), smoked almonds, and dates stuffed with softened cream cheese and a single whole pecan (these are so easy - both to make and to eat; plus they are delish and beautiful.).

Main course - Turkey (I just stuffed mine with sage and onion, rubbed it with butter and spices, and roasted it in the oven. Brian is an excellent carver. The platter always looks like something out of a magazine when he's finished with it.)
Cream gravy (I make this from the turkey drippings, lots of butter, half and half, and a bit of cornstarch to thicken it. I don't make giblet gravy; mine is smooth.)
Garlic mashed potatoes (YUM.)
Grean bean casserole (A MUST-have.)
Cornbread dressing (My sister makes this every year from my grandmother's recipe; it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it.)
Green salad (Dad has to make this every year. His salad dressing is legendary.)
Parker house rolls (Brian would revolt if we didn't serve these, and lots of them.)
Homemade cranberry sauce (Another one of Brian's faves; I've been making it for several years now.)

Dessert - Pumpkin pie (Pretty standard recipe. No twists here.)
Amaretto whipped cream (Oh, yes. I sooooo went there. I never make whipped cream without doctoring it up with something. I *almost* put cinnamon in it, too, but hubs wouldn't have liked it. So I restrained myself.)

We washed this down with red wine, sweet tea, and French vanilla coffee. (I bought the whole beans and ground them last night. Mmmmmmm. I *might* have even put a dollop of yummy whipped cream in my cup . . . )

Lunch was amazing. Miraculously, all the food was ready at the same time, and there was plenty to be thankful for. We had the nicest meal, talked with one another, and enjoyed being together. Then, we laid around like beached whales for a while and watched a football game. Caleb and Clay scooted all around the den, getting into trouble and generally enjoying one another. Then, everyone slowly began making their way to the door. Brian and I put all the food in the fridge, stacked the dishes next to the sink, and put the baby down for a nap.

All my feelgood enzymes are kicking in, so I may lie down for a while myself! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


HEATHER said...

OH I read your cranberry recipe-sounds very yummy!
Hope you had a great day!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

It is very good and veryvery easy. And it looks so good in a serving bowl, all glisten-y and jewel-like.