Friday, February 13, 2009

Dinner for two and a half

Growing up, my family was solidly middle class. We had what we needed, but we didn't throw around money on extras. We drove older cars. We rarely went on family vacations. And I wore my fair share of hand-me-down clothes.

Now, though, it's beginning to look as though I'm a complete yuppy.

Add me to the fan list for Chef Troy. A week or two ago, I caved in and stole Sandi's chef. He came over, we talked about our food likes/dislikes, and he took alot of notes. Then, he emailed me a proposed menu, and we hired him to make 10 meals and leave them in our freezer. Easy as pie.

He went to the grocery, bought our food, came over to the house while we were at work (bringing all his own pots/pans/knives/utensils), made the meals, stored them in the freezer, and cleaned up after himself. (He's like a food elf!)

So far, we've eaten tarragon chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce, pot roast, island pork tenderloin, and manicotti. All were yum, and each entree came with a side dish. I have been super-pleased with the quality of what he put together, and it has been soooo easy to just nuke something or throw it into the oven when I get home from work.

While I still cook a bit during the week (tonight, we had baked chicken with butter garlic rice and stir-fried veggies), his meals are fabulous for those nights when I'm tired/stressed, when time is short, or when I haven't had the chance to get to the grocery.

So now, in addition to having a weekly maid service, employing a yard guy, living in the suburbs, and driving a convertible, I have a personal chef. Geezum. When did I get so dang WASP-y?


Sandi said...

Talk about being worth the money, though. Chef is fantastic!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

You do not lie. The food is reallyreally good.