Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the world of Clay

It's been a while since I posted a Clay update, so here goes! (That's a recent picture of our man at left, covered with yogurt and toast at breakfast.)

Clay is talking more and more, and he's repeating more and more of what we say. He'll say, "Name Mama!" and point at me. (Brian's been working with him on the whole concept of names.) He's also starting to say some of his colors, but he rarely matches the right word with the right color. (He calls ALOT of things "lello." It is sooo cute!)

We got him a set of 26 little alphabet books (one for each letter). When I read them to him, he'll repeat the letter after I say it. He LOVES B, C, and K. He'll run around holding the K book and saying, "K! K!" (A related point: what on EARTH was I thinking, buying 26 little books? They are EVERYWHERE! I'm confident that, should I go to purgatory, I will spend my time there picking up little alphabet books.)

He's also saying "okay" alot now. It's so funny to hear him. He'll bring me a book to read to him, and as we're settling down, he'll say, "Okaaaay." Precious!

Some of the things he's saying are making sense, too. Like, when he stubbed his foot the other day, he looked at me with this shocked, pained little face and said, "Toe!"

Oh, we got him a potty chair and then quickly relegated it to behind closed doors because of the destruction he was causing with it. I don't know WHEN we will get around to potty training, but since he's barely 19 months old, I'm not too worried about it just yet.

He's doing really well at daycare. Some days when I come pick him up, he doesn't want to leave! Though it stings my feelings a little bit, it makes me super-confident about the quality of care there. I'm glad he enjoys his teachers and the other kids.

He's climbing all over EVERYTHING now. He's learned to push things up to the counter to use as step-stools and reach what he wants. He's also learned to open doors. (May God have mercy on us.)

Most of all, though, he's just being sweet and precious and the best kid ever. Brian and I frequently talk about how smart he is, how cute he is, and what a great little dude he's turning out to be. (Such indulgence is, I guess, par for the course for parents, so I don't feel guilty about it!)

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