Monday, February 02, 2009

This and that

What can I say? We've been busy. On Friday night, I stole Sandi's chef. He came over, talked with us about the kinds of food we like, sent me a sample menu via email, and voila! He'll be here to cook on Thursday, bless his little heart. Can't wait to try what he's got planned for us. He promises that his pot roast is "tender as mother love." We shall see!

On Saturday, I ran errands, paid bills, and did a mountain range of laundry so that I could do nothing all day Sunday if I wanted to. (Woo to the hoo!)

Sunday was gorgeous. Enter the annual Bradshaw yard work day. (We do it once a year, whether the yard needs it or not!) We raked up pine straw and used it to mulch all my flower beds in the back yard, which look sooo nice now! I realized that I still have a $100 gift card to Home Depot that I meant to cash in for plants but never "got around to" using. What shall I buy for spring?

Then, while hubs and his buddies got their football on, booger and I went by Sandi's house to visit and inhale bratwurst. (Yum!) I ate far too much (and then sampled more Ro-tel, hot wings, and other unmentionables when I got home, too - ooof) and tried my best to keep Clay from destroying her house.

Brian has one friend, Eric, that's never been married and has no kids. In fact, he's really not that into kids. I think they kinda scare him. Well, when Clay and I got home, of course, everybody was still there. (The game didn't end for another hour or two.)

Anyhoo, after Clay's bath, I let him putter around in the den for about 20 minutes until bedtime. Clay was absolutely fascinated with Eric - climbing all over him, grinning at the dude, patting him on the shoulder, and finally practically sitting in his lap. It was weird, because Clay is usually not that into folks he doesn't know, especially guys. But he LOVED Eric. Even funnier was the slight bit of perspiration that I detected around Eric's temples as Clay turned him into his personal trampoline and, in general, lavished sweet baby love on him. I was laughing like crazy, and laughing even harder because I was trying not to laugh. I soooo wish I had gotten it on tape, but the darn battery in the camcorder was dead.

Then, today, I got a buttload of stuff done at the office, then came home and cooked hamburger steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed veggies. 'Cause that's how I ROLL.

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