Friday, February 20, 2009

You got to know when to hold 'em . . .

I spent last night learning to play poker with a fun group of gals. We gathered at Shawn's place, where she had alcoholic beverages, all kinds of snacky goodness, and an ACTUAL poker table. (She had the chips and everything too, and not the cheap-looking plastic kind. I felt like such a high-roller!)

We all bought in for a nominal sum (Hubs staked me, as I was out of cash and it saved me a trip to the ATM.), and then the poker-playing lesson began. Shawn taught most of us how to play Texas Hold 'Em, and it was such fun! I started out pretty sucky. I was the last person at the table to win a hand. Pretty soon, though, things started looking up! Around 10 p.m., myself and another player decided to call it a night and split the pot. (What can I say? We are old, and we were tired.) Sooooo, I walked away with triple the money I put in! Not too shabby for a creaky old woman!

Well, THEN I find out that if someone else stakes you, you have to give them SEVENTY PERCENT of your winnings! What?! Luckily, my backer thinks I'm hot. In capitulation, I took him out to lunch today at Sal and Mookie's. He'd never been there, and the two of us much enjoyed our stolen hour together. (And may I recommend the Gambino pizza? SOME kind of good.)

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