Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little goodies.

Well, I'm finally getting around to some of my deferred birthday celebrating. (What is it now, six weeks late? What can I say? I have been VERY BUSY.)

Mel and I trotted out to Bravo! over the weekend for drinks, appetizers, and dessert. (Who needs an entree when you've got crabcakes, antipasto, martinis, and tiramisu?) The food was delish, and I love the atmosphere of that place. It's one of the few restaurantsI can go to in the Jackson area and know that 1.) I will always be well-taken care of and 2.) the food will always be impeccable. I have never (NEVER) had a bad meal or bad service there. To boot, it's pretty reasonably-priced for the quality.

Anyhoo, we had a wonderful time laughing, eating, talking, and catching up. Things can get so hectic sometimes. I'll look up and realize that I've hardly spoken to Mel for weeks. Even then, though, it's often another week or two before we can get together, because both of our schedules are a bit crazy right now. Yikes! Remember that old quote about life being what's happening while you're making other plans? It seems very pertinent right now!

Oooh, and today, I went to Two Sisters for lunch with a work colleague. We got to eat fried chicken AND I got my interview. (He's in our continuous improvement office, and he closed some great projects recently that are going to help employees do their work more efficiently and more accurately. Yahoo!) Driving back to the office, full of bread pudding, we briefly considered heading to the park and soaking up the sunshine for a while. More dedicated thought prevailed, however, and we headed on back to work.

Darn our continuously-improving work ethics.

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Supermom said...

I haven't eaten at Bravos! in 4-ever! Thanks for putting *that* little bug in my ear. ; )