Tuesday, June 01, 2010

From baby to boy

I'm crushed. My baby is turning into a little boy.

Booger will be 3 in July. And because he's practically hanging out of his crib, hubs and I decided to get him a big boy bed. (Sob!)

We went furniture shopping last weekend, and we will take delivery of a brand-new twin bed, plus mattress set, dresser and mirror, on Saturday. (My heart is breaking.)

We figured we may as well make it fun, so we're taking this opportunity to re-decorate booger's room in a safari theme. He loves animals, so we're painting the walls a goldy beige (I'll mix my tears into the paint.), ordering a few zebra/giraffe decals and sending him off into the African savanna.

I'm hoping that he won't be scared to sleep in his new bed, and I'm reallyreally hoping that he won't take this opportunity to go roaming around the house at night.

Mainly, though, I'm heaving big, deep sighs that he's old enough to sleep in a real live bed, and I'm hoping I'm smart enough to enjoy every minute that I have with him until he turns 14 and thinks I'm lame.



Susan said...

I can't even think about it. I'm a little sad that mine's become remotely mobile in the past few weeks!

A good friend of mine solved the roaming problem by getting some of those child-proofing doorknob covers and putting one on the INSIDE of her son's room. She left the monitor in there so when he was ready to be up in the morning he knew to go to the monitor and call her.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

That sounds fairly reasonable. I think we'll try with nothing on the door to start. If it becomes a problem, the child-proof doorknob cover would be an easy fix.

Every stage of a child's life is exciting, because they are becoming more independent, and heart-breaking, because they are becoming more independent.