Thursday, June 24, 2010

See Mom Cry.

We found out last week that the daycare booger's been going to, the one that we absolutely LOVE, is closing at the end of August. I am heartbroken.

First of all, it took me FOREVER to find that place. I toured many, many daycares, got information from the health department, etc. and so forth. And when I made my choice, I knew I was making the right choice. And booger loves it there. He loves his teachers. He's very comfortable with all the other kids there. He has a great space to play in, they feed him well in a separate cafeteria, and they have a nice little shaded play area out back. The building's new, and the daycare is family owned and operated.

Even if I find him a GREAT new place to go, he isn't going to understand why he's not going to his school. And I think he'll miss his teachers terribly.

We've toured two places, but neither of them have really wowed me. I've got a third tour lined up for tomorrow.

I'm just disappointed. And feeling rushed to find him a placement before it's too late. And I'm totally dreading the first two weeks of taking him to some place new, when he freaks out at drop off. Maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe he'll be totally cool. But my guess is that it will be a difficult adjustment for all of us.


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