Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snug in his bed

They delivered Clay's big boy bed last weekend! The delivery guys even set it up in his room, so hubs and I didn't have to put it together. (A plus for us, because we are tired, old and decrepit.) Clay immediately loved the fact that he could jump on the bed and watch himself in the dresser mirror. Due to that quality alone, the big boy bed became an instant favorite. He's slept in it every night since Saturday.

We were wary of his ability to actually stay on the bed throughout the night. We'd bought a set of rails, but we decided to create crash pads out of pillows on each side of the bed and see how it went for a few night before installing the rails.

Night #1 - fell out of bed two times. wailed like an Irish banshee set on fire each time.
Night #2 - fell out of bed two times. cried the first time. squawked the second time, then crawled back into bed and went right back to sleep.
Night #3 - not a peep.
Night #4 - not a peep.

We'll see how it goes tonight, but it's looking pretty good so far! We may just take the rails back to the store!

When I tiptoe back in to check on him before I go to bed, he's all snuggled up and looking angelic, his little golden head on the pillow, his soft fingers curled next to his face. I look at him, so small on the twin-sized mattress, and think about the day when it will probably be too short for him. One day, he'll probably need a double bed. Eeek.

Tonight, before he went to sleep, he said his prayers with me and asked God to bless all of his friends at school. Then, he looked at me and said, "Mama, you're my best friend." ~Sigh.~ There will be a day when he'll be embarrassed to walk through the mall with me. But for right now, I'm his best friend.

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