Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life's a dance!

On Sunday night, I grabbed a college buddy and attended the final Round II performance of the USA IBC. We saw some amazing contemporary dance. I like Round II better than Round I because it's the modern dance round, and every piece is different. During Round I, when dancers are performing classical work, the competitors must all choose from the same repertoire. As a result, you'll see the same pieces danced over and over. I much prefer Rounds II and III, when the introduction of contemporary dance and the winnowing of competitors makes for a much more varied evening.

At any rate, we saw two hours of some truly beautiful art. (And Round III of the USA IBC begins tonight! Try to catch a performance this week if you haven't already!)

After the show, we met up with a third college buddy and caught up for a few hours. (Pity it was a Sunday night. Not much was open. I was totally jonesing {Spell check says jonesing isn't a word. What do they know?} for some calamari and a jumbo cocktail from Sal and Mookie's, but they closed at 9 p.m. Sigh. I suppose it was not meant to be?)

It's funny how everyone's lives take such a different path. One of my buddies teaches theatre in a high school in Tupelo, another one has lived all over the U.S. and is now back in Jackson, working as a paralegal. I've run into a few other college friends lately, too: two guys who started a political campaign consulting company, a girl who's pursuing her graduate degree, another friend who owns his own chain of restaurants. The variety of life choices and experiences is amazing, even within a tight-knit group.

We're going to all try to get together again later this week, before we all scatter to the winds again. Should be fun! (And maybe I'll get that calamari after all . . . !)

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