Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hair removal

At book club last month, Stacey and Sandi RAVED about getting their eyebrows waxed. They told me it would result in total perfection. They said it would be easy to maintain afterwards. They said it didn't hurt.

Before I knew it, Stacey was booking us both appointments at Trio's to have our eyebrows done. Now, aside from a paraffin dip during a manicure, I have never had anything waxed. Not my legs, not my bikini line, not at a salon, not at home, nothing. (I have not waxed in a car. I have not waxed at a bar. I have not waxed here or there. I have not waxed anywhere.) So I was a little apprehensive, not about the pain (I mean, once you've pushed a kid out of your hoo-hah, pain is pretty much a relative term, right?), but about the result.

Truth be told, I always thought I had pretty decently-shaped eyebrows. But I was promised PERFECTION, and I wanted to see what that might look like. So Wednesday morning found me at the salon with Stacey to have perfection implemented on my face with hot wax.

A sweet stylist led me back to the waxing area, where I laid down on a comfy massage table. She placed the hot wax on my brows, working from top to bottom, and then used a strip of . . . something to pull both the wax and the hair off. My eyes watered just a bit when she was doing the underside of my brows, but other than that, it was a pretty comfortable process.

My eyebrows are now sparser, and they seem to sit a bit higher on my face. They are shaped into perfect curves. While I don't dislike the way they look, I am having a hard time getting used to them. They just don't look to me like they fit my face. I guess that, because I've been looking at the eyebrows I was born with for about 30 years now, I'm not used to seeing anything different perching above my eyelids. So, although I do think the eyebrow wax makes my face look a bit more open, I don't think that I'll be scheduling regular eyebrow waxes anytime soon.

But, hey, until it grows out, I will be flaunting my perfection all over town. Hee hee!

Stacey - now it's YOUR turn. You have to come and get a facial with me.


Sandi said...

No pictures?

A. Boyd C. said...

Women's eyebrows change too much by fashion for my taste.

In my 20's the style was the bigger the better so you ended up with Brooke Shields sporting the eyebrows of a neanderthal.

With mixed-retro being all the rage these days, women have the pencil thin eyebrows from the 40's combined with go-go boots from the sixties.

To me, thin eyebrows is part of a really prepared-looking style including dark, heavy lipstick and eye-shadow and I don't know if that's your style.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Sandi - You'll see them today at lunch!

Boyd - I think I agree. No more eyebrow waxes for me.