Monday, August 25, 2008


We returned from Portland a couple of weeks ago to two things that made me grit my teeth a little:

1.) One of our cars wouldn't start
2.) Our clothes dryer wouldn't heat up, which means that it wouldn't dry clothes. (And we had ALOT of laundry.)

And, of course, these types of things happen after you come home from a week in Portland, where you've just spent a ton of money. Arrgh.

At any rate, a couple of weeks later and a couple of hundred dollars lighter in the wallet, we are once again a two-car family with dry clothes.

Hubs, bless his handy little heart, took care of both minor repairs. He's actually getting pretty good at fixing stuff. Since we've married, he's installed/repaired two garbage disposals, a hot water heater, and a microwave. Plus, he's replaced a bunch of light fixtures, painted a ton, and removed copious amounts of wallpaper. Now, if he could just learn to replace countertops, we'd be in business . . .


Sandi said...

Does he fix bathroom leaks? LOL

Sandi said...

Off topic, but have you seen this site?

It was just purchased by Amazon. You're a bibliophile ... thought of you when I saw the link.