Monday, August 04, 2008

Wonderful things Clay's doing now

Now, when you ask Clay if he wants a cookie, and he heads to the kitchen for it, he says, "Cook! Cook! Cook!" It's pretty adorable.

He loves attacking our poor, beleaguered cats. When he's after Missy, she'll hop up on the top of the piano, where he can't get to her (yet, anyway). He'll stand at the bottom of the piano, making grunting and screaming noises in her direction, as if to say, "Get down here! Get down here right now! Did you HEAR me?" Missy will look down at him, completely unperturbed, and rearrange her haunches and tail.

He understands the word "book." If I ask him to go get a book so we can read together, he'll bring me one off the floor or from the shelf. This slightly assuages my guilt that one of his first words seems to be a version of "cookie."

He's walking well now in his shoes, and he even does a pretty good job walking on our uneven lawn. He's learned how to turn around and back his way down a step, too. The little dude is smarter than he looks.

Well, as I've mentioned before, you might not hear from me over the next week or so. Booger and I are headed out to Portland in the morning. Please send good vibes my way for the flights and the airports. Aaaack!


HEATHER said...

You could title that picture, "ok Mom, I am ready to go!"
That is seriously cute!
Have a safe trip.

Supermom said...

Hope you are having fun in Portland!