Monday, August 18, 2008

Mother's Morning Out

I signed Clay up for a Mother's Morning Out program a few months ago, confident that by the actual day it started, I'd be ready to drop my little munchkin off with someone other than a blood relative.

Well, today was the first day of our little adventure, and leaving him there (even though it was only for three hours or so) was harder than I anticipated. They don't allow the mommies to sit with their babies in the room for a while, so I had to just leave him and go. He screamed when I handed him off, though I stood in the hall (out of sight) for a minute or so until he quieted down.

When I came back later to pick him up, he was amusing himself happily. AND the teachers said that though he did get a bit cranky at around 10 a.m. (when he usually goes down for a nap, which he didn't do with all the excietment), he was pretty mellow the rest of the time. Hopefully, they were not just lying to make me feel better.

On the upside, I used my newfound free time to meet Stace for breakfast. (She'd just dropped her little guy off for his first day of "school," too, so we both cried in our coffee together.) We ate at Broad Street and browsed the stacks at Lemuria. Then, Stace made me laugh until I almost peed in my pants. Maybe this Mother's Morning Out stuff is a good thing after all . . . .


Sandi said...

Everybody needs a break. Glad y'all were able to be there for each other. :)

Sandi said...

Hey ... I need to call you. I'll shoot you an e-mail later or call if I can.