Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ummm, it can't be THAT good . . .

Have you guys seen the new Yahoo! ads for Shine, a site they've cooked up "just for women"? I've visited the site, and it's pretty standard "women" fare - chores, kids, books, with fashion/beauty thrown in for good measure. But what amuses me is the graphic they are using to promote the new venture.

Take a look:

Geez, it can't be all that amazing, can it? In the future, I'd recommend that the good folks at Yahoo! save this pic for truly ground-breaking discoveries. A male birth control pill, perhaps. Or maybe a robot, retailing for $2.99, that can simultaneously fold clothes, feed the kids, and give you a back rub. Otherwise, aren't we just a little TOO happy here?

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