Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's a Kid's World!

I spent my afternoon up at the Mississippi Trademart today, helping to man the booth at Kid's World. Basically, Kid's World was a HUGE collection of inflatable games, booths giving away free food and small toys, local businesses raffling off prizes (our booth held a drawing for circus tickets), and other general child-mania opportunities.

We had big fun holding our drawing, giving away coupons for discount tickets to the circus, and handing out clown noses. We also sold something like 75 Mississippi Moms T-shirts and took some of the cutest pictures of kids wearing clown noses EVER. Check the site for them in the upcoming weeks.

It was big fun!

As a side note,. we're planning on attending the circus with my sister and her family on Sept. 5. Booger will either enjoy the spectacle of it or be freaked out. I guess we'll see! (Having a toddler is always such an adventure, isn't it? He did GREAT in Portland, where he learned to be more relaxed around people he doesn't know as well as how to expertly scale a futon/couch/loveseat. Sweet Lord.)

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Sandi said...

Glad y'all had a good time, and that the event went so well! Hate that I missed it, but I did get all the pictures up on the site today. You look cute in a clown nose. :)