Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In case I hadn't mentioned it before, hubby snores. Loudly. Compound that with the fact that he seems to have a lingering sinus infection, and you can only imagine the high decibel of what I am expected to sleep through each night. Even with earplugs, it's a bit difficult sometimes to get a decent night's rest.

And as I lay there two nights ago, grimly awake, I told myself in a delirious fantasy of insomnia that I bet James McAvoy DOES NOT SNORE.

Ah, me.


Sandi said...

Pinch his nose while he's sleeping. Hehehe

Susan said...

I'm right there with you. Hubby was told he'd need surgery to correct the snoring problem and that freaks him out. I honestly don't know how he doesn't wake himself up, he certainly wakes me up! I can hear him from the couch at the opposite end of the house some nights!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Honestly, there are nights when I consider doing a little spontaneous surgery on that LOUD schnoz of his myself. It's amazing how murderous your thoughts become in the gritty-eyed face of sleeplessness.