Thursday, October 09, 2008

Foodie heaven!

The new Kroger just opened up at the corner of Spillway and Lakeshore Parkway in Rankin county. Now, I realize that I am completely a suburban housewife for evern blogging about this, but I have been waiting for this grocery store to re-open for YEARS. It is the most convenient grocery store, location-wise, to my house, and it was really chapping my hide to have to drive by it every day on my way to another store.

I think it might have been worth the wait. The new store reminds me very much of Fresh Market in the Renaissance Colony development. They have an AWESOME cheese counter, lots of organic products, a nice floral area, and some great takeway foods at the lunch counter (pork loin, lasagna, a good variety that you don't often see at a grocery store lunch counter). Plus, they have some really gorgeous pre-made pastries, tarts, and specialty desserts at the bakery counter, in addition to all of the usual stuff. I also noticed takeway sushi! YAY!

Ok, but back to the cheese counter. I went on opening day, and there was a delightful staff member there to assist customers. There were samples galore, and she helped me choose a delicious gouda as well as a paprika-spiced cheddar. She also allowed me to sample a FABULOUS, creamy blue cheese. Now, I have never been a big blue cheese fan. It always reminds me of stinky feet. But when I tried the blue cheese she offered me, I nearly fell to my knees. The stuff was amazing. Though earthy, it wasn't stinky at all. I bought a nice wedge of it, and I've been enjoying it with slices of ripe pear this week. Heaven.

If you haven't gotten out there yet, do so! Even the floral area is nice.


HEATHER said...

In the SugarBusters cookbook by the Brennans, there is an absolutely WONDERFUL recipe for a Blu-cheese salad dressing.
Oh it is so good you will want to put it on everything.

Susan said...

They're building a new Kroger here in Clinton, supposed to open either late this year or early 2009. I'm hoping it's as nice as yours! I've always shopped at Kroger, but ours doesn't have the best selection of organic veggies and such. You've got me excited to see what they'll do with the new one!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Heather - I am telling you, the stuff is amazing. It makes me wonder what I should try next!! I would actually put this cheese out on an appetizer tray (and I may do so at Thanksgiving), which I have NEVER done with a blue cheese before. Nev. Er.

Susan - I bet they will step it up. I love the new store. They have great selection, great convenience products, and even a smart layout. Where are they building in Clinton? Will the renovate the old store or relocate?

Susan said...

They bought the old Win Dixie plaza (formerly Walmart) building across HWY 80, then tore down half of it and are renovating the rest. That Win Dixie was nice, for the six months it was open, so I'm hoping the new Kroger will be bigger and nicer!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Susan - that is exactly the same scenario that we went through here. They bought the old W-D (which, incidentally, was also open for only about 6 months), tore down half of it, rebuilt that part, and renovated the rest. I think you're in for a treat. Maybe it'll be open in time for the holidays!

Wonder what they are going to do with the OLD Clinton store?

Susan said...

Nobody's said around here. I figure they'll try to sell it, but that won't be easy. There's a lot of empty retail space around Clinton these days!

A. Boyd C. said...

I went for the first time last week. I'd been curious to see it since they tore down a brand new, never used, grocery store to build it. It's every bit as nice as you say and the people couldn't have been more pleasant.

Normally I'm a little cautious about Grocery Store sushi, but apparently they have a guy that comes and makes it every day so I tried it. It was great! They have chicken cordon blu (not sure what the plural is) behind the meat counter that's really good too.

The quiche? not so much. But two out of three's not bad.