Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In which I play pool

Ok, last night was pool night again. And while I'd still classify myself as "bad," I played better last night than I have so far. I actually scored some points!! And I won TWO games!! (Well, one of them I only won because my opponent hit the 8-ball into the pocket by mistake, but I WILL TAKE IT. The second game I totally, legitimately won on my own! Woo! And may I also say, hoo!!)

So, to recap - I still suck at pool. But I suck less than I did three weeks ago. And that, my friends, is progress.


Sandi said...

That is progress! Look at you go!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

I know! Seriously, Tuesday night was the first time so far that I didn't feel abject shame at my pool-playing performance. YAY!