Sunday, October 26, 2008


I am not a baker. Other than making the occasional muffins, cookies, and fruit bread, I don't bake very often. But something about fall, and the ensuing holidays, makes me want to bake. I have traditional recipes that I make every year, and baking during the fall and winter months just makes me feel homey and good. So last night, I stayed in, spent some time with hubs, and made a resplendant apple pie.

Now, some folks might think that homemade pie is alot of work. But I use shortcuts, and I've noticed very little difference in the quality of the pie as a result. Though there are those that make homemade piecrust (and I've made my fair share), I've discovered that the Marie Callender's deep-dish frozen pie crusts are pretty dang good. (They're great for quiche, too.) They stay flaky and light, and they taste buttery. (Yum.)

I filled one up last night with about 5 sliced apples and all the sugar/flour/spices called for in the recipe. I also tried something new - instead of a top piecrust, I covered the top of a the pie with an apple-crisp-like topping. (Which is way easier than rolling out even the roll-and-bake piecrusts in the refrigerated foods section - no mess.) You can buy this pre-made in the store, but I threw one together using flour, oats, sugar, butter, and chopped pecans.

I peeled, cored, and sliced the apples (which was made easier by my apple-corer/slicer.) and mixed them with a bit of flour, sugar, and spices. Dumped the mixture in the pre-made pie crust, and topped it with the quick crisp topping. It baked for about 45 minutes while I watched some programs I'd TiVoed.

It was AMAZING. So if you're lazy (like me), and you want a pie with VERY little effort, buy a pre-made crust, an apple-corer, and, heck, even a packet of that crisp topping at the store. You will have delicious homemade pie, and your house will smell amazing while it bakes. (Incidentally, your husband will sing your praises.)


Sandi said...

So when's dinner? LOL

I got some pumpkins at Kroger yesterday, and the little ones had recipes on them for pumpkin pie. I may make one while Mark's on his trip. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sara said...

Yum...sounds delish. Too bad I am watching calories these days. Guess I could still bake it for everyone else. :)

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Sandi - I have one of those "pie pumpkins," too! I'm debating on whether to actually make pumpkin pie with it, or just use it for decoration. Let me know how yours turns out!

Sara - You could just have a *tiny* slice, couldn't you? :-)