Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A word

I have a bone to pick with David L. Hoyt, the man who creates the Jumble word puzzle syndicated in newspapers nationwide. Hubs and I sometimes work the puzzle together (for fun. Yes, working puzzles is one way that two nerds in love have fun. Don't be a hater.), and we were unusually stumped a couple of mornings ago.

Well, we finally found out what the unscrambled word was after going online. It was FIESTA. Now, Mr. Hoyt, I am all for not dumbing-down your little puzzles. We want to keep them fun to figure out, and not too easy, etc. But if you are going to start routinely jumbling words from languages OTHER THAN ENGLISH and expect me to just intuitively know that you've decided to hop from one language to another in the course of one puzzle, we've got a problem.

I mean, I do know a bit of Spanish, but other than that and a smattering of French and Arabic, I only speak English. So it should come as no surprise to you, Mr. Hoyt, that I do not maintain an ability to unjumble letters in words not in my native tongue, especially when I am expecting all of those jumbled words to at least be in the same language.

Sheesh. I'm good, but I'm not THAT good.

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