Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've been tagged.

Blogtag. See the rules in the graphic above. I was tagged by Hey Guy, the Blog.
First, here are the facts. Then the tags.
  1. I have wanderlust. I love traveling, and I've been to several foreign countries (Lebanon, Scotland, England, France, Spain, Mexico, Jamaica/Carribbean) and a few U.S. destinations. I like traveling because I like seeing how big/small the world really is, how people are innately the same no matter where you are, and how many different ways there are to live. I personally think that if everyone traveled more, foreign relations wordwide would improve.
  2. Even though I *think* I am a pretty decent housekeeper, my silverware drawer is akin to a large, debris-spewing monster. I have never been able to keep it under control. If you open it and start looking for something, it's like one of those "hidden objects" pages in the old Highlights children's magazine. Can YOU find the can opener? The cheese knife? The potato peeler? (Neither can I.)
  3. I sing all the time - in the shower, in the car, under my breath at the grocery store. Half the time, I don't even realize I'm doing it. When I'm really concentrating on something, sometimes I'll catch myself humming. I'm sure this gave my co-workers no end of anguish when I worked in a cubicle. There's nothing like a rousing rendition of "500 Miles" drifting over the top of your office partition when you're trying to conduct a conference call.
  4. I honk my horn often when I'm driving. Hubs and I have had debates about this. He doesn't believe in honking at folks. I will honk for even the slightest offense. I honk punatively, so if you cut me off, I don't just give the "Hey, I'm back here! Did you not see me?" sweet little courtesy honk. I will lean on the horn, several times, letting you know that I think you're a cretin.
  5. I was a huge fan of the Highlander television series. I mean, what could be better? You've got this gorgeous, honorable immortal guy. He spends his time working out shirtless, legging it around Europe, and crying over all of the wonderful women in his life that (oddly) seemed to meet with untimely ends. I thought the Highlander movies (even the one starring Adrian Paul) sucked, but the TV series was on my must list.
  6. I laugh alot. I laugh when I get nervous. (Remember our harrowing drive from Pheonix to Sedona? I giggled like an idiot the whole way, while Brian sweated and clutched the steering wheel with steely determination.) I laugh when anybody makes a joke that's the least bit funny. I laugh at my OWN jokes. I laugh as much as possible, even though I have this weird, huge laugh. (I KNOW I don't look very lady-like when I laugh, but I guess I'd rather have fun than be lady-like.)
  7. I grew up in a neighborhood full of boys. My sister, myself, and our back door neighbors (two little girls) were the only girls for blocks and blocks and blocks. So, that meant lots of touch football, battle/fort games, and bike riding (and later, lots of spin the bottle) for us growing up. (Plus, we had the longest, flattest driveway in the neighborhood and the biggest, flattest back yard, so our house was Kid Central. It was great.)
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Sandi said...

I love your laugh! People should laugh more, including myself!

And dang, I wish I'd know that about your silverware drawer. I feel better about you seeing my messy house now. :)

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Re: the silverware drawer - I also have a heinous "junk drawer" in the kitchen with similar issues. Last week, trying to open a jar of pickles, I slipped and spilled pickle juice in there, too. I tried to clean it up, but I couldn't get it ALL. So now, it's not only messy, but it smells like OLD PICKLE. Ick. When it comes to messes, you've got nothing on me, sweetheart!