Sunday, December 14, 2008

Carb coma

This afternoon, the little Bradshaw family drove out to scenic Puckett, Mississippi ("300 good friendly folks!" chirps the official town sign), for the annual Bradshaw holiday luncheon. These are relatives on Brian's father's side of the family, and we rarely see them (save for Sweet Aunt Janet and Uncle Luke) except for around the holidays.

Every year since Brian and I have been married, I've been asked one question when I attend this luncheon. "When are you guys going to have a baby?" This went on for six years. Last year, when I had finally produced a baby, Brian was OUT OF TOWN ON BUSINESS for this event. So I finally had a baby to show off, and we didn't go to the luncheon. So this year, I was AT LAST able to take booger out to Puckett so everyone could see that I can, in fact, reproduce.

Hubs and I dressed him in a little camo outfit (Hubs thought camo would go over well, considering the Puckett demographics.), and we headed out. I triumphantly entered the house, holding a gorgeous little blonde-haired, blue-eyed child who smiled and babbled and allowed himself to be held by relatives. Everyone fawned over him.

For about five seconds. Then they asked, "So, when are you having another one?" They followed this query with observations such as, "He'll be awfully lonely without any brothers or sisters," and "Taking care of two or three is nearly as easy as taking care of one!" (Riiiight. I'll be sure to call YOU at 3 a.m. when kid #2 is awake and wanting to be rocked. So, is that a 601 number?)


Anyhoo, we DID have fun. The food is always reallyreally good (Though we always have tons of mashed potatotes, macaroni and cheese, hashbrown casserole, and dressing. Would it KILL us to bring a green vegetable once in a while? I'm going to remember that for next year.), and the company's nice, too. After eating WAY too much, we trundled home, where we all passed out in carb-induced comas and laid around like beached whales for the rest of the day. Oooof.


Kayra said...

Don't you just love when family keeps asking when you are having another kid? We got those questions for 4 yrs, until I was pregnant with twins. Those people "forgot" our house address once the twins arrive. They still have not made it to our house.

Supermom said...

sounds like "veggies" at my family's gatherings. Carb, carb, carb!

Heaven forbid they break out the broccoli. Then again, they do make green beans but they is so much lard/bacon in it, it doesn't qualify.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Kayra - What's hilarious to me is that they only see us once a year, at this event. So, we are REALLY influenced by their entreaties for us to enlarge our family, right? Right?

Supermom - Oooof. The buffet is a sea of beige. There was one tiny bowl of collard greens, and I nearly took out an uncle trying to get to it before it was gone. I'm not proud, but there it is.

arr-jay said...

I just love these questions. Every life step isn't enough -- you have to be armed with your plan for the next one. Nice.

I posted my own similar (single-girl-specific) blog after my great-aunt's funeral last January:


Sandi said...

Tis the season. LOL