Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maybe just sweat and tears?

I hate giving blood. HATE it. The finger prick I don't mind, but I hate to feel the needle going in, and I hate watching my bag fill. I usually feel really hot and lightheaded when I give blood, so I'm the one scarfing down cookies and juice in the waiting room before I get back behind the wheel. I really hate it if I get a chance to touch the blood bag after it's full. It's all warm, and I realize that's a bag full of me they are toting off to a cooler somewhere.

But every holiday season, I try and give blood. I do it because there are always lots of wrecks during the holidays, what with people driving like maniacs in the crappy weather. So there always seems to be a spike in need for blood. Plus, I feel like it's a way to really give back at the holidays, not by buying someone a box full of canned goods (which is still awesome), but by actually giving part of yourself, something finite and precious, something that can't just be scanned at the Wal-Mart register.

So anyway, this afternoon found me driving down to Mississippi Blood Services. I even had an appointment. I got there, did my prelim check-in, and had my finger pricked.

They wouldn't take my blood. My iron's too low. Sheesh. I was right on the borderline, and the nurse said that she could prick a finger on the other hand, just to see if the second reading would be a tad higher. It was lower.

So now, among all the other places I have been thrown out of, I have been rejected from the blood bank. I had to leave, my little head hanging down, without making my donation. It was pretty pitiful.

But remember what I said earlier about perseverance? My plan is to spend the week after Christmas eating leftover rib roast and try again before New Year's. Tee. And may I also say, hee!


HEATHER said...

Throw some spinich salad in there too! I had low iron when I was pregnant with Paddycake. Couldn't take the iron pills, so I ate spinich and eggs every day for breakfast. I haven't touched spinich since. ;-)

Susan said...

Don't take it personally. Not only have they thrown me out many times, but the last time they told me not to bother coming back. And they won't even let my hubby in the door since he lived in Germany for several years when he was younger.

Miss Lippy said...

Don't feel bad. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Then I had two bandaid-ed fingers and no free t-shirt. Dang it. I still stocked up on cookies and green Koolaid.

Kayra said...

I always feel rejected when they can't take my blood. I feel unworthy. LOL silly me. At least you tried.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Thanks for the commiseration! I'll let you know if my NEXT attempt is successful . . . !