Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Eating and drinking

I have been eating and drinking wonderful things lately.

On Monday night, I met my Drunco group at P.F. Chang's for dinner. We scarfed down crispy green beans, dumplings, and calamari with our drinks from the bar (I got the Plum Collins, which was good, but I SO should have gotten the Asian Pear Mojito. It's on my list for next time.), THEN had entrees as well. (Ooof.)

I ordered the wonton soup, and our sexy-voiced server (Susan even asked him if he was in radio. He definitely had the Barry White thing going on.) brought it out in a HUGE bowl. It was YUM - tasty broth with shrimp, tender wontons, mushrooms, and other little goodies floating happily around. It was seriously enough for at least three people. I was strong, though! I had a fairly modest serving and called it a night. (No dessert. I am so virtuous.)

Today, I picked up hubs from the office and took him to lunch at Schimmel's. I heart Schimmel's. I had the daily special - fish encrusted with a crabmeat and breadcrumb coating, then pan-fried in butter. OMG. Served with the tastiest broccoli EVER and some unbelievable mashed potatoes. I ate it all. Even the cornbread roll. But, again, to make up for my indulgence, I skipped dessert. And I had unsweet tea. Do you think that tips the calorie scales?

I guess I'll be going running tomorrow . . .


Suburban Housewife...Not so much said...

Nicole, you seem to like a lot of the same stuff I do. I need to just come to your blog for food references rather than looking them up online haha.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Girl, I can EAT. We should throw down at the table sometime!!

Brandie Little said...

Sounds good to me!!! I am always looking for new food places and new things to try. I can put away the food anyday.