Friday, December 05, 2008


Almost forgot to blog about this - I took Clay to the MS Puppetry Guild performance of "Peter and the Wolf/Nutcracker Sweets" yesterday morning. We'd taken him to see the circus, and we also toted him to Elmo Live! when it was in town. He really enjoyed both of those performances, so I figured we'd head on out to the puppet show.

He LOVED it!

The story of Peter and the Wolf is set to Prokofiev's classical composition, and the puppets were designed by local artist P. Sanders McNeal. (McNeal also happened to be the 2006 USA IBC poster artist. She is fabulously talented, in addition to being a very sweet lady.) Action moves along at a quick pace to keep children engaged, the puppets are colorful and well-lit, and the music is lively.

The second half of the program, set to Tchaikovsky's classic Christmas music, features dancing penguins, teddy bears, candy, and more. Clay really loved this part of the program as well. There's lots to see, and plenty of variety keeps even wee ones from getting bored.

There were tons of kids there, so no worries about a slightly vocal little person. (Though Clay was an absolute angel. Once the lights went down, he zoned in on the stage. No squirming, no crying, just rapt attention. He even pointed out things on stage and jabbered to me a bit about them. So cute!)

Also, since I was once a puppeteer with this troupe (the Nutcracker Sweets was one of the shows I performed in), it was doubly special. I'd never seen the show from the audience side! Fun!

Performances are being held at the Millsaps College Christian Center Auditorium. Admission is $6 per person, and there are still four shows left - Dec. 10 and 12 at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. You can call 601-977-9840 to reserve your tickets.

Don't miss it!


Sandi said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been taking daughter to a few things ... Attache, a Christmas play, etc. ... and I've been looking for other options. She would love this!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

It's really fun, and educational, too!